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LETTER: Roll service (or lack thereof)

Eagle reader expresses distaste for their latest (and what will likely be there last) experience with the company.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you in regards to a bad experience that I had with Roll last week, July 14 to be exact. I had rented a bike that was near the Save On Foods to get home with a bag of groceries. The first thing I noticed was that the electric motor was not working so I attempted to park it by Quigley Park where there was a number of Roll scooters parked. When I was going through the lock procedure I kept getting the message that I was in a prohibited area for parking. I then took the bike to where I normally park Roll vehicles but kept getting the same message and the bike would not lock. I sent repeated messages to Roll through their app with my phone number included with no response. The only solution for me was to take the bike home as the clock continued to rack up time on my account. This was extremely upsetting as the hours went by and I could imagine myself owing thousands of dollars to Roll. I tried every avenue to contact their support using their support phone number ( I left messages), email and twitter, all to no avail. I could not believe that a company that provides this service would not have the decency to reply to my messages. Today, July 18, I finally received an email from them saying I woud get a refund. I also received another email from them telling me it was a criminal offence to take the bike home even though the clock continued to rack up used time when I had done that. Sometime during the night of July 14th the bike was remotely locked and the next morning I parked it in a public area with a note warning people not to use it. Needless to say I will never be using this company again if I can help it.


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