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Extraodinary kindness essential in extraordinary times

Extraodinary kindness essential in extraordinary times

"Even though we must continue to stay apart we can and should continue to stay connected."
Bad time to get into fight with doctors

Bad time to get into fight with doctors

This is the time when we look to leaders to make the best decisions and help us ride this wave of uncertainty. We elected them to do this, even in a crisis.

Our new normal

We have no other option but to stick it out. Times are tough and our children need us to be our best selves.

This too shall pass

This virus has impacted all of us now. Our world will never be the same. Our comfort zone has been fractured.

Yes, a simple rubber band

A proverb says it best: “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”

Forgo the handshake and smile instead

Humans are withdrawing from the embrace to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19) and preventing its spread.

Teck withdrawal might be the shakedown Alberta needs

This project’s failure should be seen as a sign that our province’s economy needs to be diversified and action on Kenney’s part needs to happen sooner than later.

Reducing red tape shouldn't expose loopholes

In the case of the provincial government, curtailing the sticky red tape might reduce costs for Albertans, create jobs and make life easier. It might also create loopholes and problems down the road that might require more than a simple fix.

Battling bullying with kindness

The group says they offer these small tokens to give a child a boost or reward good behaviour.

Love affair with plastic taking its toll

Ah, wonderful plastic. The burgeoning industry that came of age in the early-20th century and brought us Bakelite housewares, vinyl, ethylene, acrylic, nylon, fibreglass, Tupperware and fuelled mass consumption around the world.