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Ambrose University Spring 2024 Open House

Ambrose University is pleased to invite you to our Open House on Saturday, April 13, 2024 from 10am-2pm.


The day had finally arrived. Looking out the window at the sprawling mountain landscape all I could think about was my impending decision. My parents chatted away in the front seat as I quietly wrestled with my anxiety. It was time to tour universities and I knew that this decision determined the next four formative years of my life. I had settled on Calgary early. I knew I wanted to live in a ‘big city’ but to be perfectly honest, anything was bigger than my small town. Calgary was close enough to drive and not as daunting as the hectic chaos of Vancouver or Toronto. I loved the mountains, and the idea of being close to them provided comfort amidst the anxiety of this decision.

My parents suddenly turned their attention to me and began to discuss the schedule for the day, in total there were five schools on our list. Ambrose University was the final one. I knew we only had an hour or so at each, so I had to make the most of my time.


The nerves really began to set in as we pulled up to our first stop. I suddenly felt small and lost. I didn’t know where to begin and felt wildly unprepared, what was I getting into? I felt my stomach drop as I realised, I would have to do this four more times today. Intuitively, my parents gently suggested “maybe the next one?”

A couple of visits later and the reality of the decision hit me again. While I was starting to get an idea of what I wanted, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I had not quite found it yet. Every school had great programs and people. The decision only seemed to be getting harder, not easier.

Arriving at our final stop, I walked through the doors, my heart pounding with anticipation. The atmosphere was electric, as cheerful banners swayed gently in the breeze, welcoming visitors to explore the campus. As I entered the balloon adorned atrium, the warm, embracing smiles of the university staff made me feel instantly at home. A sense of peace washed over me, and it was evident that this place was not just about academics but also about nurturing the soul.


The brief time we had was filled with activities and tours, each one more captivating than the last. I spoke to my future professors, their passion for both their subject and the well-being of their students was refreshing. It was more than just education; it was a commitment to guiding us towards becoming compassionate, responsible individuals.


During a campus tour, I was shown around by current students who regaled me with their own experiences. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and I could see that they were not just learning here; they were thriving.


The highlight of the day was the energy of Ambrose. I found myself in awe of the incredible feeling that began when I set foot through the door and remained with me well into my journey home. It was a place that celebrated diversity and welcomed students from all walks of life and I knew I belonged. 

I left campus knowing this was where I wanted to grow, learn, and contribute to a community that valued both faith and knowledge. This was not just a university; it was a path to my aspirations, a place where I could flourish in mind, body, and spirit.


Ambrose University is pleased to invite you to our Open House on Saturday, April 13, 2024 from 10am-2pm. 

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