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Mage Networks. An Evolution in Connectivity

Empowering Redwood Meadows.

Mage Networks, both an equipment technology, and a service provider, runs five (5) profitable fully functioning networks in Canada, and sells its own proprietary and proven integrated hybrid solution MagiNet™ around the world. 

MagiNet™ offers the cheapest, most efficient, fastest high-speed broadband internet access, that is easy to deploy in the hardest-to-reach remote & rural areas--where traditional telecommunication infrastructure models do not work. 

Mage Network’s ongoing work in Redwood Meadows is a testament to its goals of serving underserved and unserved communities.

The municipality of Redwood Meadows is approximately 40 kilometres from Calgary’s city centre and in close proximity to Bragg Creek.

In addition to Redwood Meadows being an ideal community for Mage Networks’ mission, which is to connect the unconnected; Anywhere.  Everywhere. Its expansion of its services to the area is a natural progression from the project(s) in Bragg Creek and West Bragg Creek.

A new design phase has been completed and the build phase, which includes increasing network access points, is currently in progress.

According to Marty Tascona, VP Sales & Marketing, Mage Networks, “We are fully committed to building a great network and providing service offerings in Redwood Meadows. We have worked through technical issues, and now have fibre to the community centre. Residents can expect more progress in the coming months.   Our goal is build Redwood Meadows into a showcase of what a fast, reliable community network looks like” Once the network is fully in place, residents in Redwood Meadows will enjoy Mage Networks’ MagiNet™ .

Additionally, as the distance from the tower increases, the signal strength decreases, leading to a decrease in data rate  MagiNet™ provides seamless Wi Fi coverage over large areas.  It has high signal strength, can add unlimited hops with no loss in data rates, is easy to immediately deploy and affordable!

“Mage Networks is delivering faster upload speeds that allow people to now work from home a possibility in rural areas,” adds Tascona. “The barrier is often the upload – not the download – speed. Faster upload speeds through MagiNet™ also allows residents of Redwood Meadows to game and participate in Esports, play music, stream and videoconference much more easily.”

Mage Networks also offers other, benefits. We not only promis faster, personalized service, customers can also speak to a realmlocal customer service agent for supportwho are available on the weekends. There is also a four-hour guaranteed response time for any network outages and a guarantee on the bandwidth service.

“We intend for Redwood Meadows to become a showcase for high-performance internet in rural communities and we will continue to expand in Canada” says Tascona. “With Mage Networks Redwood Meadows community will enjoy MagiNet™ ™ the only solution in the world that has a moveable Wi-Fi access point (in a vehicle, on a tripod or in a backpack) that connects to MagiNet™ for backhaul and gives a strong Wi-Fi connection in remote and rural areas or mountainous there is always a strong signal connection over larger areas,

With Mage Networks’ MagiNet™, Redwood Meadows will be an even more attractive location for families and for businesses to move to.

For Mage Networks, the goal is connect the unconnected. Click here to learn more about the company and how MagiNet™is opening up new possibilities for communities across rural Alberta. Stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and LinkedIn for updates and news about Mage Networks.

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