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What makes a champion of the truth?

When you think of a champion, what comes to mind? Perhaps an athlete with a gold medal or a student winning an academic trophy? But what about another type of champion, the people who stand up for and defend our democracy - not with physical prowess, but with their words.

Champions of the truth. These champions are hardworking individuals from the newspaper industry who produce high-quality, local news that can not be found anywhere else.

In honour of National Newspaper Week, here are three defining characteristics that make the people behind our presses champions of the truth.

  1. Stands up for the truth

Fighting for the truth is integral to being a champion, but what does standing up for the truth mean? It means a commitment to sharing factual news so that people have the tools to make informed decisions. Standing up for the truth is not always easy, but it's what champions do.

  1. Contributes to their community

Champions cover stories and share information that helps to keep people connected. True champions are invested in making their communities better places. Champions know what their communities need - not just because they report on them, but because they are a part of them - and are often the first to raise their hand to help out. They could be volunteering for a local little league, sitting on an industry board, or helping pave the way for the next generation.

  1. Inspires the next generation

Champions are dedicated to their craft; their work speaks for itself and inspires others. They may uncover stories that impact the nation or their local community, but no matter what, they are committed to telling these stories and getting crucial information to the people who need it. Through their work, they show others a path forward to a vibrant career in news media, encouraging the next generation to get involved. Their work impacts real people and real communities and encourages others to follow in their footsteps.

Does this sound like someone you know? If you read your local news you might be interacting with a champion of the truth and not even know it.

That's why, each National Newspaper Week, honouring those who contribute to the industry is important. This year, News Media Canada is paying tribute to Canada's champions of the truth by creating a first-ever illustrated book entitled "Champions." This book features the stories of notable Canadians from the news media industry who are integral to what keeps our democracy thriving through vibrant, independent and local news media.

Learn more about National Newspaper Week and show your support for the industry by purchasing a copy of the Champions book and downloading the "Champions" font at

Why We Celebrate National Newspaper Week

National Newspaper Week is an annual opportunity to recognize the critical role that newspapers play in an active and healthy democracy and is celebrated in North America starting on the first Sunday in October. Local newspapers deliver vital information to Canadians every day, connecting local communities across the country and keeping citizens informed, engaged, and connected.

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