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RCMP celebrate motorcycle May with safety tips

Alberta RCMP share some tips for motorcyclists.
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ALBERTA— Motorists are asked to keep an eye out for motorcycles as the warm weather brings bikers back to the roads.

May is dedicated to motorcycle safety and motorcyclists are reminded to adopt safe riding behaviours to reduce the risk of collisions. Alberta RCMP are encouraging the public to adhere to COVID-19 health orders and minimize non-essential travel.

"We are always committed to raising awareness about safe motorcycling so that we all get to our destinations safely," Alberta Sheriffs Superintendent Rick Gardner said. "That being said, we remind all motorcycle riders to stay home when possible and respect COVID-19 related restrictions." 

A press release from the Alberta RCMP said there are several steps motorcyclists can take to promote staying safe when out for a ride.

One of the most important ways to mitigate risk is to" gear up"— This includes wearing a helmet, shatter-proof eye protection and durable weather-proof clothes when riders are out on the roads. Bikers should also "stay bright and in sight", meaning Riders are reminded to stay out of blind spots on roadways and in parking lots as this will help other drivers know their whereabouts.

The RCMP added that "showing off does not pay off but driving defensively does." The press release asked riders to always take into consideration that motorcycles are smaller than most vehicles. Be aware of your surroundings and change lanes with extreme caution. 

Riders should also note that "practice makes perfect," meaning Riders should practice on roads away from high-traffic areas and highways to make sure they are comfortable and confident in their skills on the road. 

In 2019 there were 17 fatal collisions in Alberta's jurisdictions superintendent with Alberta RCMP Traffic Services Gary Graham said. He added officers will continue to be on the lookout for dangerous driving behaviours during the pandemic.