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Marathon Man: Hidden gems – TriHub at SLSFSC

Over the next several articles, I want to share with you some hidden local gems. These are locations, shops, and activities that you may not know about that are in and around Cochrane.
Martin Parnell Aug. 4
TriHub is a new store in Cochrane's Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre that caters to triathletes of all levels.

Over the next several Marathon Man submissions, I want to share with you some hidden local gems.

These are locations, shops, and activities that you may not know about that are in and around Cochrane. The first I'd like to promote is Tri Hub, a new swimwear and multisport shop located at our very own Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre.

When I arrived in Cochrane in April 2004, I joined the Cochrane Red Rock Runners and Tri Club. Every Saturday after my club run, I’d go for coffee at one of the local coffee shops. In one corner, a group of us runners would chat about our previous week, but in the other corner was another group having coffee. I asked who they were and was told “That’s the Triathletes!” I had no idea what this entailed and at first I was a bit intimidated to go over to chat. However, I was told they wouldn’t bite, so one Saturday I joined their table.

Over the next few years I completed Olympic (1.5-km swim/40-km bike/10-km run), Half Ironman (2.0-km swim / 90-km bike / 21.1-km run) and Ironman (4.0-km swim/180-km bike / 42.2-km run) distance races. My last triathlon was the Half Ironman in Calgary in August 2009.

Then, three weeks ago I finished my year as Rotary District 5360's governor. I had had too many breakfasts, lunches and dinners at Rotary meetings and it was time to get back into shape. I walked into SLSFSC ready to crush some laps and I spotted Tri Hub in the corner of the building near the registration desk. After my swim, I headed into the shop and met owner Lorin Inglis.

Lorin told me that he had set up the store in February of this year and caters to swimmers, bikers and runners. I'd urge Cochranites to check it out. The business has some great gear and you can check some of it out at his website (, which also includes store hours and lots of other information.

I must say chatting with Lorin got me thinking about triathlon again and I took the first step by buying a new sports bag.

A few words from Lorin:

“It was such a pleasure to meet Martin Parnell when he popped in a few weeks ago to look for a new swim bag. The interaction was nothing short of what we have come to understand as the quintessential Cochrane community spirit! It’s been such a pleasure occupying our space near the pool because of the fierce “support local” attitude and the strong community bond that exists here in Cochrane!  

My intro into the world of triathlon is too long of a story to tell here but the important theme that I want to accord with Martin on is that the legacy and culture of triathlon is one of inclusiveness, [support], and is in its essence about overcoming challenges. So I think it’s a great time (post COVID) to take on some new challenges training together. If you pop by the shop I’ll be happy to help you do that!”      

If you’re interested in entering the world of triathlon or, like me, looking to make a comeback after 13 years, then chat to Lorin. He’ll put you on the right track.

[email protected]

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